Principal's Message

Good Morning OGJH Families,

Here are a few updates as we move to our second week of e-learning:

Virtual Office Hours
Beginning today, all teachers will be providing virtual office hours. Students will be able to receive assistance from their teacher and collaborate with their fellow classmates in real time. Students should check their Google Classroom to see when their teachers are available live each day. The office hours range from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Teachers may also add additional sessions to further connections, discussions and learning. Please encourage your child to utilize the office hours to check in with their teacher in order to receive feedback and assistance.

E-Learning Progress
We made a great deal of progress throughout last week in various aspects of our e-learning.  The students appear to have a better understanding of the expectations of the school and teachers. The school has gathered data and feedback regarding appropriate pacing and workload. Additionally, our teachers continue to incorporate instructional videos and and now all will be providing two-way communication with our students. Internally, we will continue to monitor all aspects of what we are delivering and make adjustments as we move our learning forward. 

School Accessibility 
The school is now closed and may be opened by appointment only. People that need access to the school in order to gather materials, should contact Mr. Charron via email.

School Notifications
The teachers will be in direct communication with the students if they are behind with their school work. Additionally, parents will be notified via phone if your child is missing work from the day prior. We do this not as a consequence or penalty, but rather to keep the lines of communication open so home and school are consistently on the same page with student progress.

Thanks again for all the support you have provided the school and your child. Because of our unique cooperation between home and school, we will continue to offer a product we all can be proud of.