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O’Gorman Junior High School cares about every student.

What does your future hold? What decisions are you making today that could influence the rest of your life? Having people to bounce ideas off can be very helpful. That person can be your parents, relatives, friends, religious leaders, teachers, and trusted adults including counselors. Dream, discuss, make goals and plans, and implement your ideas.

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”

What are your special gifts, talents and abilities? Students at OGJH have the opportunity to engage in counseling presentations examining their habits, abilities, talents, and likes/dislikes in order to enhance their learning and planning for the future. All exercises are saved in a folder which the students will have for future discussions. Additionally, further education to both students and parents is provided in regards to future class placement and standardized testing procedures and results.

OGJH Counselor 

Mrs. Sara Jarding
(605) 988-0546