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Credit Before Grade 9

The Credit Before Grade Nine program provides opportunities for junior high students to obtain high school credits through accelerated and enriched courses.

Who Can Apply?

Credit Before Grade Nine courses are more rigorous than other junior high school offerings. These courses require the same demands they will face at the high school level.

  • Students broaden their intellectual horizons by investigating deeper into the subject matter.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn high school credit earlier, thus allowing them to take more Advanced Placement (AP) classes at the high school level.
  • Students and parents see a significant savings in college tuition when taking AP classes at the high school.

Current Credit Before Grade Nine Courses

Advanced Geometry: 1 High School Credit

Algebra I: 1 High School Credit

Geometry: 1 High School Credit

German I: 1 High School Credit

Spanish I: 1 High School Credit

Latin I: 1 High School Credit

**Wellness for Life: .5 High School Credit

**World Geography: .5 High School Credit

** Available to take during summer school prior to the ninth grade year.